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Monday, December 3, 2012



Three Billy Goats Gruff


Big Billy Goat
Middle Billy Goat
Little Billy Goat


Narrator: Once upon a time there were three goats.  They lived in a little valley in the hills.  One day, they saw a lot of grass to eat on the other side of the hill.  So they decided to go there because they were very hungry.

All Three Goats: We have to go there. The grass over there looks greener!

Narrator: But to go there they had to cross a wooden bridge, under which an ugly troll lived.

Middle Goat: Come on, lets go now.

Big Goat: Yes, but what about that big, ugly troll that lives under the bridge? He will eat us as soon as we cross the bridge!

Middle Goat: We have to find a way to cross that bridge.

Big Goat: I know.  Our little brother should go first.

Little Goat: Me? Why don´t you go first.

Big Goat: Because you are the smallest.  And I have a plan.

Little Goat: You’re right.   I will go first.

Narrator: So the little goat started to cross the bridge.  But the steps on the wood woke up the troll.

Troll: (jumping to the bridge)  Who dares to go across my bridge!

Little Goat: (trembling and scared)  It´s me, Little Billy Goat Gruff.

Troll: Then I will eat you.

Little Goat: Oh No!  Don’t eat me! I am too little.   Wait for my big brother.  He will be here soon, wait for him, please.

Troll: Hmm, I will wait for him, then.   You may go.

Little Goat: (leaves running)   Thank you! Thank you!

Narrator: Soon the Middle Billy Goat came over the bridge.  The noise in the wooden bridge made the troll go up to the bridge.

Troll: Who dares to go across my bridge!

Middle Goat: It is me,  Middle Billy Goat Gruff.

Troll: Oh yes, your brother told me about you.  I was waiting for you.  He was right, he was too small for me.  I am going to eat you!

Middle Goat: Oh please, don’t eat me.  My other brother is coming after me, and he much bigger than me.

Troll: Really?  He’s bigger than you? Hummmmm. Then I will wait for him.

Narrator: Soon the biggest Billy Goat Gruff came over the bridge.  The noise he made in the wooden bridge made the Troll go up to the bridge.

Troll: Who dares to go across my bridge!

Big Goat: It´s me, the Big Billy Goat.

Troll: I  was waiting for you!  I am so hungry that you will be my supper now!

Big Goat: Oh, we will see that.  It won´t be easy, because I am stronger than you!

Narrator: So the Big Billy Goat Gruff put his head down, hit the Troll in the stomach, and threw him off the bridge.

Troll: (screaming)  Ouch!

Narrator: The Troll fell into the river and was never seen again.

Big Goat: Come little brothers, it´s time to eat our delicious green grass.

Narrator: The Three Billy Goats Gruff finally tasted the sweet green grass they could only see from the other side of the hill, and they ate it until they were full.

All Three Goats: Mmmmmm, delicious!

The End


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